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Product Description

P’tit Coulou® is an innovative car seat cover that perfectly fits any infant car seat. No more snowsuit, P’tit Coulou® winter version is warm enough for our winters.
P’tit Coulou® is safe. The harness system of restraint adjusts perfectly and easily to your baby’s size and weight.
Thanks to its unique shape,P’tit Coulou® protects your baby from the cold, wind, snow, rain, bright lights and noise.
Taking into account factors such as wind, humidity and baby’s comfort, our winter version is designed to provide optimum protection against cold weather and offers a comfort zone* ranging from -25 to 0 Celcius.
It allows you to easily adjust to temperature variations that are typical of our winters.
P’tit Coulou® is different, quick to use, safe and useful…it can easily be installed or removed without ever disturbing your baby’s sleep.
It recreates the cozy prenatal environment for your baby and gives great freedom of movement while feeling safe.
For all your visits to parents, friends, doctor’s appointments, shopping mall or elsewhere, a pyjama and a hat will keep baby warm enough in the P’tit Coulou®. Don’t hesitate to undo the zipper when the car is warm.
*Comfort zone is a guideline suggested by P’tit Coulou®

Optimum protection from -25 to 0C, laboratory tested.
P’tit Coulou® winter version was tested by the Centre for Textile Technologies (CTT Group Laboratories) under the ISO norm 110992-1993.
It is designed to provide optimum protection for your infant against cold. It has a comfort zone* ranging from -25 to 0C and it also shields your child from various weather conditions such as wind and humidity.
P’tit Coulou® winter version as a CLO (unit of thermal insulation for cloths) evaluated at more than 3.5 on a scale 0 to 4.